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locksicker raw denim jeans

LockSicker: a denim lifestyle

We are a father/daughter venture focused on bringing premium jeans and accessories to market. The company developed from our desire to create products that would be made exclusively in the good old USofA. The idea is that the entire venture manifests jobs for a pattern maker, denim manufacturer, leather maker, tool and die maker, silversmith, label maker, sewers, creative design consultant, web designer and programmer, and, eventually for Molly and myself.

In addition, all components of the jeans, from the fabric to the custom buttons to the hand stamped leather labels, are made in the USA. So when we say “Made in USA” we really mean it.

LockSicker’s strong brand identity is meant to reflect important elements of my life. For example, I was born in Glasgow, Scotland; hence the company name LockSicker, which derives from a Gaelic phrase meaning Be Sure. The company’s logo, the boar chained to an oak, is my family’s crest.

I lived in Haiti in 1960’s, where a majority of the population practices Vodoo, a religion based on West African Arawakian and Catholicism. The custom made buttons are the veve (symbol) for Papa Legba, a Haitian Vodoo Iwa and the other is the Haitian long mask. Papa Legba is the gatekeeper between the material and spiritual worlds, and is equated by some with Saint Peter. He is also the key Iwa that is associated with fertility.

Our first jean is a straight leg, low-rise, 4-button style made of Cone rigid selvage 13.5 oz. indigo denim using Pigskin and Egyptian Topaz thread. The rear pockets have stylized LS in Stone Blue thread. The jeans are made in the following sizes: 28-34, 36, and 38. They are all 36″ in length, ideal for wearing long or rolled. If you prefer to hem, Pigskin thread is provided so that your tailor has the exact thread used in the manufacturing process.

So become a clan member, purchase a pair of your ‘Sickers and know that you have a quality premium jean that will take on it’s own unique look based on your individual wear patterns and laundering ritual, and/or a pair of our stone washed jeans for that instant gratification we are all guilty of and pair them up with a beautiful sterling accessory that will last a lifetime.

Oh, having Papa Legba looking out for you as you travel through this material world is just a bonus.

When in doubt, LockSicker.