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locksicker raw denim jeans

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Over the past 3 years we’ve been busy at LockSicker expanding our uniquely branded line. We revisited our raw denim jeans concept and philosophized about taking it further and creating a denim lifestyle company. We have grown our dream—thinking first and foremost—what will set off the look of our LockSicker jeans.

Our great new line, we call them wearables, includes tshirts, caps, bandanas and needlepoint belts with a cuddly stuffed wild boar (if such a thing is possible) thrown in for a touch of the family heritage. The line is ever expanding so visit often to find out what’s new!!

LockSicker sterling, a special collection of Haitian inspired sterling jewelry is meticulously handcrafted by a silversmith in Newport, RI. He’s taken the Papa Legba symbol on the buttons of the jeans and created some pretty remarkable silver pieces, as well as bringing a Haitian long mask to life for some truly individual pieces that are real conversation starters. Our sterling is exceptional and will become a keepsake and hopefully bring luck. Designed for a guy or a gal, and special orders are possible, just contact us.

We are working on more exciting products that will enable you to further enhance your ‘Sicker look.