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locksicker neckles

unique LockSicker papa legba and haitian long mask sterling on dark brown braided leather necklace with a sterling lobster clasp. Handcrafted in Newport, RI.

locksicker cross necklace

papa legba cross neckles

locksicker papa legba necklace

papa legba neckles

locksicker longface necklace

haitian long mask neckles

our sterling

Based on items acquired while we lived in Haiti during the early 1960s, our sterling accessories are handmade with care by a silversmith in Newport, RI. Sent to you for safekeeping in a brown leather pouch.

By special order: Each accessory can be made in 18K gold, price on request.

papa legba medallion bracelets

fashionable bracelets with the special twist of the Papa Legba symbol. Handcrafted in Newport, RI.

locksicker leather bracelet

sterling & leather bracelet

sterling & sterling bracelet

sterling & gold bracelet

papa legba medallion sterling

make your mark with sterling silver Papa Legba symbol wearables. Handcrafted in Newport, RI.

locksicker papa legba cufflinks

papa legba cufflinks

studs (4) – $75.00
pierced earrings – $45.00

papa legba money clip

haitian long mask sterling

make a unique statement with Haitian long mask jewelry. Handcrafted in Newport, RI.

locksicker cufflinks

haitian long mask cufflinks

locksicker keychain

haitian long mask key/knife clip

locksicker earrings

haitian long mask earrings